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long time no blog !

Yeah, it's been a long time since my last post. Time sure past in a strange way, fast and unnoticeable. I think the greatest part in this post that i'm writing right now, just the story about my old fashion blog. But hey, i love my blog ! LOL..

My passion for writing just vaporized and I've been through a hard time with my college and church problem. The blog where I used to put out my mind has been long forgotten. It's really funny to think back of that moment because just now I realized it's the best moment to write everything that happened to me, what I felt, what I thought about and what i've done. But you know, people do make a few wrong steps in difficult times.

What I can tell you is that when I write something I tend to be pure and simple but in some way complicated to understand. But when you get to know me day by day, i think you will understand it. Anyway, it's been a great blogging time ! time to end this post and try to write a new one, with some fresh topics (i hope so).

blogging is one of way to express your idea and yourself... (sorry bad english haha)

intinya kamu tahu sendiri lah bobb

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