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Put your dreams as high as the stars

this one will be very short and simple. I will tell you about my dreams and hopes when i have graduate from college.

1. Find a job or join a community that works for government or social cause.

2.Start to brush up myself and get ready to find and fight for a scholarship to Harvard Law School.

3.Work as a court lawyer for maybe 5-15 years in US then i will look for to return to Indonesia.

4.Work is a must but it's meant for part-time only while looking for any chance to enter the political zone.

5.Another 5-10 years ahead i will learn as much as i could.

6.When the times are right, i will be fighting for my way to be the next president of Indonesia.

You may laugh at me (hey laughing is still free and legal, so go ahead!) but you can't crush my dreams, as it had been carved in my heart from a long time ago. LOL

good dreams... but it needs a lot of sacrifice also you must be struggling to make it all of your dreams happened (say sorry again, bad english hehehe =p)

hey, it's okay, my English isn't much better either..hahaha..itu bth banyak perjuangan yg emang akan 10x lipat su dibanding g kuliah skrg..secara g kejar beasiswa n target g ke Harvard yg menuntut high-performance dr tiap mahasiswanya..haha

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